GRANDMEX is a fully owned subsidiary from BAF Brothers and Friends GmbH - Germany.
As a family owned and operated company, our senior management is personally involved in every aspect of the business, dealing directly with our retail partners to minimize bureaucracy and assure full flexibility in decision making. Our goal is to permanently establish new and long term-partnerships with companies and people who have ideas and visions, who believe in sustainable success together.
We are the experts in women’s fashionwear. BAF started the Vietnam business 2008 and founded Grand Garment Export Co., Ltd. in 2009. “GRANDMEX” We produce all articles of the fashion world especially in woven area. Our products include jeans, cotton pants in various dyeings and casual jackets/blazers. In addition to the sporting articles, we also produce non-washed articles ( formal fashion ) all kinds of ladies blazer, pants, skirts, dresses and coats. We take care of our partners and manage manufacturing operations in Vietnam with dedicated professionals.  In this way, we can offer optimal solutions in term of lead time, product, price and logistics.

What we do

What we do

Grandmex has developed strategic joint ventures throughout Vietnam to make us top of the largest clothing exporters out of Vietnam. We have done lots of significant developments for the past years to strengthen our production capability, and quality assurance, increasing the efficiency to reduce cost significantly for both of us and our customers.

Pattern making
Production control ( owned QC Team )
Buying Fabric, Trims,

Our Makets

The majority of the garments are exported to the market of germany, uk, japan,  france

Manufacturing (CMP, FOP, CIF):  Japan; Europe, 

Customer: c&a, mgb, adler, buddelei, karstadt, kaufhof, amurakoma,  adler, p&c, oasis, gosship, li&fung, camaieu


Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Grand garment export co., ltd is always looking forward to long-term cooperation. with respect to that goal, grand garment export co., ltd considers continious improvement and maintenance in product quality a top priority and on time shipment.

Our goal is to permanently establish new long-term partnerships with companies and people who have ideas and visions, who believe in sustainable success together.

GrandMex does not want to be a manufacturer acting from a distance, but a close partner who is always available and reacts to customer demands promptly. In this way you can constantly resort to our full performance portfolio and know-how. We define our success as a complete sale down.

Our Philosophy
Our Customer and Core markets

Our Customer and Core markets

We manufacture for customers in 9 European countries. More than 50 % of our customer relations do exist for more than 10 years. A clear sign that BAF focuses on customer satisfaction and sustainable relationships.

D / A / CH / NL / DK / NOR / F / I / UK

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